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Watch Restoration

Do you have your old High School or Graduation watch that no longer runs? How about a wedding present or anniversary gift that no longer works? This watch could possibly be restored to its former good running condition.

Watch Restoration Includes:

  • Clean and Oil the movement and adjust for accuracy

  • Send the dial out for Professional Dial Refinishing

  • Polish and Shine the case

  • Clean & Straigten the Hands

  • Install a new crystal if needed

  • Attach a New Leather Band or clean and polish the existing band

  • If broken - the Crown, Stem, and/or Mainspring will be replaced

  • Dials are sent to International Dial Co for professional refinishing

Here are some examples of Int. Dials fine work:

Watch Dial RestorationWatch Dial Restoration

Watch Dial RestorationWatch Dial Restoration

Watch Dial RestorationWatch Dial Restoration

Pictures of 4 nicely Restored Men's Watches

Watch Restoration and RepairWatch Restoration and Repair


Pictures of Watch Bands

Alligator Grain Watch BandClassic Calf Watch BandCroco Grain Watch BandClassic Oilskin Watch  BandEmperator Chrono Watch BandGenuine Crocodile Watch Band























































I will be happy to answer any questions that you have about the repair of your watch.I can also take a look at an ebay auction that you are thinking of bidding on.

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